lundi 17 septembre 2007

Are we going to fight this war?

Well, apparently we are going to war. That's what our Foreign Affairs Minister is saying...

And why ? Because Iran is getting the N bomb (the buzz is going as far as North Korea... the Evil Axis... remember?).

And that is just unbearable for France (and the US of course). My my my, our two countries have never been so close. If Sarkozy was the president in 2001, we could have gone to that horrible and disastrous war in Irak.

But hey, honestly, if I were Iran considering :

  • the stupidity with which the US have handled the Irak conflict
  • the greediness of the 1st superpower in terms of oil supply
just to be able to make Georgy come to his senses, if I hadn't got the N bomb yet, I would be hurrying my ass to have it!

Let's be logical here: Iran is not Al Quaeda. Agreed? So Iran is not going to "kamikaze" its people in the name of Jihad. Agreed? So they are not going to send us N bombs for the sake of religion. Agreed? If Iran is going to this extent is because if feels threatened and rightly so.

But don't misunderstand me. I'm against sharia and I'm against the State and Religion being mingled together (by the way, the US is not an example of secular country considering that Presidents have to swear on the Bible).

The only question here is: are we entitled (we the West) to kill civilians (the Iranians, because that's what war is about) in the name of our sacrosanct democracy? Or better yet: in the name of what are we going to start killing civilians in Iran? Democracy? Freedom? That has been already blown up by Bush in Irak and Afghanistan no? The control of a very important geo-strategical country? I think that's the only logical reason that could be accepted as a reason to go to war.

A logical reason is not always a good reason though...

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Lepu a dit…

Well. I think you already know my opinion on the subject which is summed up in this sentence : peak oil.

The occident, to which I belong by the way, can use all the ideological rethoric : separation of powers, democracy, freedom of speech, N-boms is a threat to humanity, islam = terrorism, etc. The fact is that we're about to live the worse energetic crisis of all time and we're taking advantage of whatever excuse we have to have a hold on those huge oil ressources.

The Middle East oil ressources are the only thing that are likely to give the occident some time to find alternative ressources for when oil production will start to severly decline, which is expected to happen in about 3 years.

Here's a link to a map showing US miltary bases. Take a look at the middle east.

It's easier to find a link between Oil and their presence in the Middle East than to find a link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. Really...

So is France going to attack Iran? Of course it is! Iran can even stop all nuclear research activity : they're still going to get a war. If it's not for the nukes, is going to be for the "liberation" of that brave Irani people. Am I using the official rethoric?... yeah I guess I learned my lessons from French television today ;-)

Magnolia31 a dit…

I'm at a loss... can we stop the warmongers ?

I'm so furious against Bernard Kouchner now! He's gonna win the first place of my hating scale over Sarkozy... So he drapes France and himself with all that "human rights" rethoric: we are going to save "human rights" in Iran... by killing humans...

The cynicism of the war logic is unbelievable. Why don't we call a cat a cat? If we are going to war is because we need energy that's all!