mercredi 21 novembre 2007

Long live Cugnaux !!!

I'm considering very seriously to live forever in Cugnaux (a little town near Toulouse).

This is the reason (click on the image to make it bigger) :

For you non French speakers, this is what it basically says :

"The Mayor of Cugnaux,

Considering that the cemetary of Cugnaux does not have anymore space to inhumate with dignity anyone"

Art 1 : it is forbidden to anyone who does not have already a reserved spot in our cemetary to die in the territory of Cugnaux
Art 2 : the ones who will violate this rule will be severily sanctionned

Cugnaux, 16th of November 2007"

You better move there fast 'cause it's gonna get crowded !!!

This is not a hoax btw...

mardi 20 novembre 2007

Sweet reward

Sometimes is just very very sweet to be a lawyer...

dimanche 18 novembre 2007

I'm a Maître Chanteur but never a blackmailer !

One of the best things that happened when I met my best friend Delphine is that I started to sing in public for friends... and then for family... and then for my fellow lawyers... and maybe one day for everyone...

Well, come to think about it, I already started singing for everyone since I have uploaded some vids on YouTube.

Anyhoot, last 14th of November, my fellow lawyers (frèrescon pour les intimes) organized a show about first names and cities and we sung something like 30 songs for a public of around 100 people.

Here are the three songs that I sung (far from being perfect and me being a goldfish I forgot half of the lyrics...) followed by the original version of each artist :

free music

- Lili from Aaron

- Andy from les Rita Mitsouko

- Marcia from les Rita Mitsouko

I really enjoyed that evening because for the first time in my life I felt at ease with the public and encouraged them to sing and clap their hands, which they gracioulsy did for my great joy and fun.

Feel free to ask for the rest of the show's recording if you feel like because even if we were not perfect, my fellow maîtres chanteurs were really good.

Internet is super great !

Peace !

lundi 5 novembre 2007


It's been a while... and it's gonna be a while for a real post here since like Sissi I'm super bissi.

Anyhoot, since this is supposed to be a good vibes blog, lemme just share the good vibes shining from me, because it dawned on me this week-end that I've been out to myself for a year !!!

Yay !!!

That was exactly the 2 of November 2006.

So I'm happy and gay and wanted to share that with you !