mercredi 8 octobre 2008

Slaves of the Dubai's dongs

I made fun yesterday about the new Babel tower projet that is going to be built in Dubai.

Today I read this article on the Guardian :

'We need slaves to build monuments'

It is already home to the world's glitziest buildings, man-made islands and mega-malls - now Dubai plans to build the tallest tower. But behind the dizzying construction boom is an army of migrant labourers lured into a life of squalor and exploitation.

so to add to my first reaction of yesterday, not only are the Emirate moguls alibabaian rich and unsure about their sexual drive, they are also insanely greedy as are our "best" financial traders and political elites.

Which drives me to the next post: Humans will not evolve anymore.

Human evolution is over... it's even regressing!

Professor Steve Jones, genetist at the University College London, says so. Basically, he (and others) contend that human progress in science, the fact that our health has made us older and less proliferative, is bringing the West civilization to a stop in evolution.

His thinking is ethnocentric (not to say racist) and actually is no news, but I kinda agree with him. We are decadent here in the West. More than decadent, we are suicidal (global warming, unchecked unreasonable financial trading, overarmed and led by idiotic and dangerous guys).

But are we all Humans like our fellow Lemmings?

Lemme be shocking. When I saw this vid about lemmings, frankly, I thought about the immigrants who are ready to die in order to reach our shores. As one good friend of mine says:

"If a guy is able to cross the desert, swim the oceans, scape the Police, charm a woman and reproduce, we should let him stay in our country! He's the best that evolution has made of a Human!"
If we follow this way of thinking to its extremes, it would validate the way the Western countries are building walls around them to prevent immigrants to enter our beloved financially chalenged paradises: the more you make it harder, the more only the best Humans are coming to us!!! Yay!!!

Okey, stop the joke. I hope we would never go as low as this. But... what if more than stopping, the Westerners were regressing in evolution?

mardi 7 octobre 2008

This dong is big!

They got oil, they got power, they are alibabaian rich, but they have doubts about their sex drive... Let's hope God almighty don't take umbrage with this postmodern Babel Tower which is, according to it's creators : "inspired in islamic ingenuity"... ???

lundi 6 octobre 2008

Oh!!! I'm liking it!!!

As far as you can get excited by politics, I'm liking more and more the mess Sarkozy has made out of him in front of the European commission.

The context: in the name of protection of civil rights, the European parliament voted the 24th of September 2008 an amendment against the French government's proposal that would have given the right for a government agency to cut Internet access for users who have illegally downloaded multiple times even after warning from their providers. The Parliament overwhelmingly decided (573 to 74), that only a judicial decision could deprive a citizen from her/his rights.

Notwithstanding, our dear and beloved President wrote to the president of the European commission (the executive branch of the EU if you will) complaining and demanding that the Commission trashed the European Parliament amendment that hindered his proposal.

As Daniel Cohn-Bendit rigthly said today, doing so, Sarkozy ridiculized himself because the Commission has not that kind of power when the Parliament so strongly voted for the amendment (the qualified majority is of 360 votes, soooo....).

To nail our beloved one definitely, the Commission said NO NO NO to his demands: "the Commission has no business rejecting an amendment that was voted by 9/10ths of the European Parliament" explained Martin Selmayr, speaker of the European commission in charge of the Information society and media.

You see, when you're almost out of hope in France because there is no serious political oposition that could stop the war machine that Sarkozy represents against civil and human rights, sometimes Europe is there to give you hope that 3 centuries of struggle for liberty would not go down the drain.

I'm defo liking it! almost sucking my fingers out of it!