lundi 3 septembre 2007

Act of Contrition

The meaning of words is not something to play with.

Hereby I'm making my act of contrition: Sarkozy is not a fascist. Sarkozy is not a racist.

But I believe he is a man who is only driven by his crave of power. I think he has no ideology. He could be a communist if that would lead him to be President of France. I also think that he does not respect democracy and don't give a damn about people or about France. He only cares for himself. He is clearly a demagogue.

I don't think he will ever be a Napoleon either, even if he has the height. You need more than craving of power to be an emperor. You need to love your people or your nation or your continent or your planet or something else than yourself to be an emperor.

But as I've been saying lately: what the hell do I know? Time will tell...

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