mercredi 5 septembre 2007

The advantage of having a demagogue as a President

I was thinking this morning under my shower: in the end, it's a good thing that Sarkozy is a demagogue.

Considering the fact that we don't have a perfect democracy (I think the good people of France are manipulated by media) and considering the fact that Sarkozy does not believe in anything else but for him to stay in power, he apparently has heard what his Masters told him :

"Europe needs to keep Turkey by its side for economical reasons but also for security reasons.

So now that you are elected... Stop your demagogic bullshit for Christ's sake!"
International Herald Tribune: Sarkozy offers a proposal on EU-Turkey talks
Bloomberg: Sarkozy says he's willing to back Turkey-EU talks

Of course Sarkozy defended himself for changing his mind by saying that he has not changed his mind:
"Recalling that he backed the option of closer association, Sarkozy said, ``I have not changed my mind and I think it will one day be recognized by everyone as the more reasonable one.''
Yeah, right... Well, time will tell little Nicolas. In the meantime don't bite the hand that feeds you.

PS: I should change the subtitle of my blog to "the anti-Sarkozy blog" ;)
PPS: I should stop procrastinating... NOW!!!

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