jeudi 26 avril 2007

The Zidane bravitude

Yo Kelkians and People of good faith !

Go to :

and try to score more than 50 !

Update : as of April 27th, my slave is the best "coupdebouleuse" with 70 hits !

The challenge is open up until the 6th of may at 20h00...

I'll give a trophee to the best scorer !

And for those who want a first lesson of French Frenchitude (or how to speak good French if Sarko the big Mako win the elections) :

3 commentaires:

Guls a dit…

I will check it out as soon as possible, but Sarko or Sego all I want is more French posts and you reading them :)))

Guls a dit…

by the way I read on the newspaper that they will have an open debate, good for sego?

Magnolia31 a dit…

I think Sego is good at debates, so it probably is a good thing...

And don't you worry my dear, no matther who wins the elections, I will surely rant a lot in French so you'll have as many posts as you could dream and I'm more than willing to reading them to you :-)