lundi 30 avril 2007

Traduttore traditore ?

So I read that a poor American translator was fired after he attempted a little humour during Nicolas Sarkozy speech after the 1rst round of the presidential elections.

After working like a dog the whole fecking weekend he typed the subtitles as follows :

"And I invite French people to rally my inflated ego so that we can build that dream..."

Poor guy... he didn't know that French are humourless people...

I think we should raise money for the endearing Traditore.

If someone knows how to get hold of him, please let me know !

4 commentaires:

Guls a dit…

hehe i start laughing everytime i see this. i am up for contribution too...

Magnolia31 a dit…

I'm happy to make Guls happy !

It's good for the vibes !

Because then you have four times of good vibes :

1 - me laughing thanks to the endearing Traditore
2- me enjoying making this post
3 - Guls laughing at the post and the Traditore
4 - me enjoying sharing my laughs with Guls

How cool is the internet ?!

Carsen's Tia a dit…

LOL that was so funny... i hadn't heard about that... lol poor guy.

persona a dit…

that guy is my hero !

*** scared ***