mercredi 25 avril 2007

There is a Kelka watching us

Yesterday my old clients were freed.

Why ? I dunno.

Who decided ? I dunno.

But I'm soooooo happy !!!!

Wanted to share it with you Kelkians ! and with all of you good people of the world.

Good vibes really work, let's hope for the best next 6th of May !

Oh and I'm sooo happy that my best friend is in Toulouse !!! Yay !!!

4 commentaires:

Eve a dit…

That seriously is great news! I'm sure that all our positive energy has contributed in some way :)

Great way to start your 'party week/month' :D So have as much fun as possible!

::: sissi ::: a dit…

Aww, i like such happy posts :)

Guls a dit…

more good vibes to you honey :)))

Magnolia31 a dit…

Love them the good vibes...