samedi 14 avril 2007

Eurokelkian musicology

We have been exchanging tastes in music these past weeks and I noticed that it says a lot about the personality of Eurokelkians.

Paradroid : mellow and posh basher gives us Bluegrass, Gipsy, Rock and kind of weird music that pops you out of a boat

Persona : sweet frenchy litterary naugthy "nerd" : Carla Bruni and Elles

Matilda : also sweet hippy happy child : very 60'sish kinda music : Elliot Smith, Lou Reed, The (awesome and best band of the whole world and history) Beatles, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel for Kelka's sake !!!

Magnolia31 : ??? what does Big Stuff say about me ?


2 commentaires:

persona a dit…

a new post, a new post, a new post !

ps : i'm not naughty ! ok, i'm a little naughty...

Magnolia31 a dit…

okey okey okey... be patient woman ! ;-)