dimanche 22 avril 2007

Fuck the TV ! Fuck the polls ! I vote Ségolène !

Well women, Kelkian vibes helped Ms. Royal to get to the second round.

Keep the good vibes coming for the next 15 days !

We're gonna need them, need them bad !

Sé Sé Sé Ségolène !
Sé Sé Sé Ségolène !

3 commentaires:

Guls a dit…

Being the first to post... YAY!!!

And YAY!!! for Segolene too!!! But you have to be careful what you're wishing for. Our only woman prime misnister rubbed the whole country off, got the economy fucked up soo... And unfortunately she was from my university :S

Anywas fingers crossed for her if that is what you want ladies.


persona a dit…


youpi !

sparklemotion a dit…

i have been following the french election closely over here. i even watched the french news the other day. i could barely understand anything because the sexy french accents distracted me ;)

good luck for the 2nd round