lundi 25 février 2008

Stepping in...

a new appartment !

At least that's how I feel after changing the decoration.

a new geeky gadget !

And now I feel like Sissi altogether - btw I hope you're enjoying the slopes :)

I bought myself this :

which coupled with my fabulous phone :

has made me the most happy geeky woman on earth !!!

Now, I can listen to my music, podcasts and radio (the g4 comes with a radio receiver) and never miss a call because whenever someone tries to reach me on my cell phone, the Ipod stops playing music and waits for me to answer the call directly with my earphones and with a microphone that's inside the g4 thingy.

4 commentaires:

::: sissi ::: a dit…

hahaa, i am back :) and reading this makes my nerdy heart very happy!

also, i like the 'new' appartment :D

bizzle a dit…

happy birthday flor!

and nice gadgets!

Carsen's Tía a dit…

oooh i love your apartamento... very nice!

your gadgets put any that i have to shame... hehehehe... awesome! :)

Ale a dit…

mh, I am seriously thinking about a new phone...
but I don't think your is Mac compatible