lundi 17 mars 2008

The Pink City sees la Vie en Rose !!!!

After 37 years the Pink City has turned a little pinkier.

The socialist party won the municipal elections yesterday and I have to say that even if I'm not a big fan of the party of the Rose

I'm super happy that the left won the elections over the UMP (the one who must not be named party).

So in happy celebration, have a full set of "La Vie en Rose" from Deezer (which is super great too) :

free music

4 commentaires:

::: sissi ::: a dit…

clap, clap, clap! congrats :)

Magnolia31 a dit…

you're really the super fastest, shreipflelfastest, pfitschepfeilest gal in the whole cyberworld !

persona a dit…

yipee !!! same for my hometown, from blue to pink ! me = happy.

senciz a dit…

A quant DA article "Flor sees La vie en Rose" ? ;)

Pusek ! :]