samedi 16 février 2008

The SMS kingdom: Besitos and other small presidential messages

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The one who must not be named is worse than I am concerning SMS addiction.

In september 2007 a little message he was carrying after a meeting with his ministers said: " J'ai l'impression de ne pas t'avoir vu depuis une éternité et tu me manques... Millions de besitos."
"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages and I miss you... Millions of besitos"
Aaaw ! Who could have sent that message to the President... Cecilia?

Some say that when he attended the Lisbonne summit in October 2007 about the new European constitution, he could not refrain from texting... well, is not a rumor:

One SMS escaped and was published for all the world to read in Le Nouvel Observateur. He sent this text before marrying Carla :

"Si tu reviens j'annule tout"
"If you come back, I cancel everything"
Aaaw ! That is fucking romantic, don't you think? So French...

The newspaper is now being sued by the president and this has never happened in France in its multimillenary history. I mean, never before a king (or president, or whatever you might call the guy that is on top of French people, and it will be ages before a woman goes on top, and yes, French are not that kinky) has taken the trouble of displaying his private life in public.

Frankly, I think the one who must not be named has lost his marbles...

Imagine: the other day he said that to honor the memory of the Shoah, every kid aged 10 years old attending school would carry the memory of one of the 11.000 French kids who were deported and killed in the Nazi camps... Even Simone Veil (whom I admire although I was deceived of her endorsing the one who must not be named during the presidential elections) said that when she heard him saying that her blood freezed. How could you give such a burden to a 10 years old kid? What kind of education is that? One that stresses emotion over understanding the reasons and whys of the horror in order to prevent that from happening again? Is he going to ask the 8 years old to carry the memory of the Palestinians killed in Sabra and Chatila ? Is he going to ask the 7 years olds to carry the memory of the Rwandan kids killed in 1994 by militias trained by the French army ? What the fuck !!!!

Sorry... He's making me loose my marbles too... But as Anne Roumanoff said : "We deserve the President we have!"... she's so fucking right... I think I've lost my faith in democracy and apparently I'm not the only one... but that's another matter.

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