jeudi 28 août 2008

A lesson of... democracy ?

I dunno. But the fact is that I'm in awe when watching this video :

What you see there is MSNBC coverage of the Democratic Convention in Denver prior the US Presidential elections.

There are two journalists well known for their totally opposed opinions : Pat Buchanan, who is the chubby baldy guy on the right, who is totally conservative republican, and of course, the one and only, the love of my life, Rachel Maddow.

So basically, Pat Buchanan is in the middle of the big democratic gig of this year, debating with Rachel Maddow who is the best progressive political journalist of the US. And they respect each other. Even if Pat gets kicked by Rachel more often than he would like to, I suspect. The fact is that there is a space for political controversy in the middle of the Democratic convention.

You would never see that in France. Never ever. Not in the middle of the UMP congress nor the PS summer university.

The French socialists are so dumb and stupid and... (I'm short of words to describe the abyssal depth of their mediocrity) that they decided to vote in block against the constitutional reform proposed by Sarkozy just because it was Sarkozy's proposal.

But the fact is that we have now a better constitution and a legal revolution that is such a progress (at least in the text) that I would have voted for this reform with my two hands and feet raised : the possibility for a citizen to contend the constitutionality of a law in front of any court. Up until now, only 60 congressmen or senators could seize the Constitutional Council to contend the constitutionality of a project of law, not even the law itself.

To acknowledge that your adversary has made a good reform is the least a honest politician should do. To propose better policies is the next step. But French socialists are so entangled in the cat fight about who is gonna be the next presidential candidate in... 2012... that I don't see that happening. Fuck me !

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