jeudi 16 août 2007

I've been tagged !!!

Okey, let me start saying this : I hate chain thingies and I usually never reply to them or send them back again.

But Sissi being Sissi !!!! and this tag questions being kinda interesting… here we go :

The eight random things about me !

- I can roll my tongue in a clove shape
- I’m a coffee addict (I need to have around half a litter coffee inside me before starting a day)
- I know how to arm and disarm an AK 47
- I’m a piscis, I learned to swim at 3 years old and I just love to dive whenever is possible (do you think my astronomical sign had an influence on me ?)
- I don’t like Facebook
- I’d love to sing for a living
- I’m entitled to have 3 citizenships (Mexican, Nicaraguan and French)
- I’m a stupid and very cheesy romantic woman

8 commentaires:

matilda a dit…

I know how to arm and disarm an AK 47

you think you can just say that and walk away?!

i won't sleep until you tell all about your childhood among middle american guerrillas. or at least reveal that you work for MI6.

Guls a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Guls a dit…

at least there is nothing that surprises me and makes me say "Whaaat?". Well arming and disarming AK 47 (whatever it is) is a bummer indeed...

And well you're cheezy but defo not stupid...

::: sissi ::: a dit…


hehe, thanks for answering, though this is not really your thing ;)

and 'this questions being kinda interesting...' --> so are the answers :)

Carsen's Tía a dit…

3 citizenships... damn, that's impressive... i'm just trying to hold onto one! :)

and cheesy romance is the best ;)

ooijj a dit…


now that's HOT.

Magnolia31 a dit…

I know! :)

and that's why I'm not gonna explain how... I learned that keeping a little mystery around yourself is very attractive ;)

Carsen's Tía a dit…

hey mag, i just read something about sarkozy trying to take over all of europe? ... care to elaborate on that for us?