lundi 16 juillet 2007

Good vibes galore !

So it says in my blog that only 4 hours separate me from my luck... I CAN'T WAIT !!!

I think is high time I give you some of the good vibes I've been cumulating these past days so here we go :

To begin with, this is the logo I like the most right now :

The second logo I like the best right now is this one :

As for yesterday, 15th of July, Paris has become a free city !!!!

Paris has put 10.000 bicycles for rent for 1 € a day (the first 30min are for free and then you pay 1 € for the next half hour, and then it gets expensier). It was high time if you ask me.

Being able to ride a bicycle in Paris is such an awesome thing people !!! Specially for those of us who are not really Parisians ! I discovered so much of the geography of the city just riding a bicycle yesterday and today ! and you can go wherever so fast ! I'm not taking the metro anymore (unless it's raining like today)...

I have to say that I kinda forgot that my bro lives in Montmartre, which is the highest point of Paris, so I had to pedal hard and fast to get to the top... and I finished soaked in sweat 'cause it was sooooo hot today (but I love heat so I'm not gonna complain, nor the neighbor that is watching me in my underwear typing this post, naaaah I'm kiding !!!)

And last, but not the least : PERSEPOLIS

So Persepolis...

Yeah, that movie rocks !!! The comics are awesome. I laughed and cried during the movie. I thought it was one of the best I've seen lately. Even better than Das Leben der Anderen... yeah... better...

I want so much to talk to Marjane Satrapi... ! I'm sure she has tons more of stories to tell... I hope she's gonna come with some more comics soon.

So much for sharing my good vibes for now... but I'm sure I'm gonne be producing much more the next days so don't feel deprived !

And remember :

y que viva Izmir !!! y sobre todo la Kelkiana que vive ahi !!!

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Guls a dit…

I would love to ride bike with you in paris... but could I use a motorbike instead? :))) (Not a scooter, I'm talking about real BIKE)