samedi 9 juin 2007

The Dark Side of the Force

A judge was stabbed by a mother who could not stand that he decided to take away her 3 year old son last Tuesday, 5th of June.

He almost died.

Thursday, 7th of June, a policeman who was in charge of the Criminal Tribunal for Minors ' order in Toulouse was severely beaten by a young man who was waiting for the verdict and could not stand that the policeman told him to go out of the Tribunal because he was degrading the Tribunal's furniture.

The judges are now calling for a reinforcement of security checks in Tribunals. And I am going to demonstrate with them to support their call.

But I wonder, is that all that is needed to stop this ?

Are we just going to build more walls, put more cameras, make everyone strip before entering, so that we can feel safe ?

What kind of safety is that ?

How bad a person can feel about the system to just don't trust it anymore, to not respect what a judge has decided and try to kill him.

I think this is the consequence of the fact that in France we have built a parallel society. We, the rich, have decided that we can spend part of our money to give an allowance to the poor. But we don't want the poor to be in our world. So we keep them in a ghetto, far away from our downtowns and feel good about the whole thing because they are living on our taxes.

But the system is based on the promise of equal rights, fraternity and liberty. And the poor want the promise to be true. When they are kicked back in their ghettos, they realise the promise is just that... a dream that very seldomly comes true. So they give up on the system. On the Republic.

We are gonna spend 5 more years building walls around the ghettos, maybe deporting massively people from the ghettos also, crushing their rights in the name of the Republic.

But we will not be safer.

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