dimanche 25 mars 2007


I was far to know when I posted the first message on this blog that I would become a Skippie and a MSN addict.

I had to make a bet with my roomate yesterday : if I chatted after getting back from town, I would have to cook for her all week... I was so fecking tired that I could hold my bet, but barely... It's like the net is sending me vibes : come, come, come and join your Kelkian friends ! It's just seeing the blinking of my laptop in the middle of the night and all my defences are down...

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Carsen's Tia a dit…

yes, my defenses are completely gone when it comes to the kelkian universe... and i don't even have skype or chat much on msn... i just lurk around the boards and listen to podcasts and post with my friend L... she got me addicted, that whore!! (j/k) but it's such a blast! i'm right there with you, mag.